How a Typical Severn River Music Lesson Works…

1. Warm Up & Review

At the start of each lesson we’ll chat about what we’ve worked on previously.  

Rather than just dictate your assignment… we ask questions and listen. 

If you’re having trouble with a particular piece or skill… we’ll address it and fix it. 

2. Learn New Material

Once we’ve reviewed everything and we’re warmed up, we’ll get to work on learning new material.  

This could be new technical skills, or simply just starting work on a new song!

3. Jam!

One of the best ways to learn and practice is to just jam and have fun (otherwise… what’s the point?). 

Aside from being fun, jamming with each other helps develop collaborative skills that are important when learning a musical instrument.  It also helps with other not-so-obvious skills like ear training and rhythmic timing.  (and of course… it’s fun)!

4. Identify Goals for Next Week

We never leaving you hanging. 

You will always have a clear goal regarding your practice routine.  We’ll also make sure we both have a clear plan for the next lesson (so we can hit the ground running each week)!

What a Typical Severn River Music Lesson Looks Like

Adult Band Practice

Not all lessons are for kids!

One-on-One Lessons

Amelia learning fingerpicking (most likely from a Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran Song).

Kids Band Practice

James diligently prepping for band practice.

We are Pet Friendly!

(a little too friendly)