…. excellent teacher. He has really listened to my goals and reasons for wanting to learn to play guitar. His teaching style has allowed me to be very successful in such a short time. I have no previous musical training but this is no problem…

Padma W.

Perfect teacher for my (almost) 11 year old. He really works with his interests and skills and has a wonderful way with kids.Having been through some torturous music lessons when I was a child, it is truly inspiring to see how much my son looks forward to their time together. I highly recommend!

Amy B.

…teaching my 5 year old daughter the guitar and she loves it. He jokes around enough to make it fun but not enough to get off track. He makes use of every minute that he is there so there is no wasted time. My younger children love him too and he can teach even with a 3 and 2 year old around. My daughter is making more progress than expected for her age…. Highly recommend.

Samantha R.